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Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups

Kids and their parents often look for unique and creative snacks for school parties, especially at Halloween time!  One simple idea is to decorate a chocolate pudding cup to look like a pumpkin patch or a graveyard.

Use your creativity to come up with ways to make everyday snacks and candies become stars in a fun Halloween scene!

You could use:

  • crushed chocolate cookies, such as Oreos, to make dirt,
  • gummy worms,
  • candy pumpkins,
  • icing in a variety of colors,
  • oblong cookies like Pepperidge Farm Milanos, Nutter Butters, or graham crackers to make gravestones,
  • half of a round cookie like Oreos to make a full moon [if you keep the icing on it!],
  • edible sprinkles in the shapes of leaves, bones, or eyeballs or in fall colors,
  • pretzel sticks,
  • licorice,
  • candies such as Peeps in Halloween shapes,
  • … and lots more!

If you plan to share the treats with young children, it would be good to avoid non-edible decorations like those made from plastic.  Small children may not realize they can’t eat these items and could choke on them.


See the pictures below for some ideas!

Source: Sprinkle Some Fun Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups

Source: Arts & Crackers Pumpkin Patch Fall Pudding Cups

Source: Party Pinching Halloween Pudding Cups

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